Our Mission

Beyond Yoga provides excellent instruction and guidance to give all people hope, tools, and empowerment for wellness in all areas of life.



Our Uniqueness

Beyond Yoga is the locally owned studio in Boone, IA that offers Hatha Yoga, the MELT Method® (MELT®), NeuroStrength®, MELT Performance® and more to all of Central Iowa. Our doors opened in September, 2015 welcoming all levels and abilities. Our yoga focuses on alignment and breathing while blending a little flow into personalized sessions and classes that exceed the standards set by Yoga Alliance. You will experience a little bit of MELT with yoga and find that MELT enhances yoga and helps you get the most from each session and life outside the studio.

Our MELT Method, MELT Performance, and NeuroStrength private sessions, workshops, series, and classes are life changing as they are taught by Nikole Dufelmeier, whom has all her training with the creator, Sue Hitzmann. You will find the perfect compliment of yoga, MELT, MELT Performance, and NeuroStrength for your empowering, all-natural self-care and wellness. Experience the trained Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT with Yoga Alliance), Trained MELT Method Instructor, Trained MELT Performance Instructor, and Trained NeuroStrength Instructor and see how your life changes to active, pain-free living with reduced stress, increased mobility, and improved performance.

Why Beyond Yoga

Beyond implies more. Having no limits. Expanse. Experiencing new things. Going further. Reaching new goals. Experiencing more peace. Feeling better than you ever have before. It means there is more at Beyond Yoga than yoga. It means our amazing tribe and what each one brings to our community. It means there are physical benefits at Beyond Yoga, and emotional and spiritual benefits as well. It means you will experience yoga with a highly trained and experienced instructor. It means you will experience MELT Performance and NeuroStrength with the highest level of a trained and experienced MELT Instructor. It means you can experience my unique background and training in ministry if you want to arrive early or stay late and have a chat. It means you will have fun while welcoming yourself back into your body for self-care and active, balanced living.

Nikole Dufelmeier, MDiv

Hi!  Welcome. I'm glad you're here. My name is Nikole and I'm the instructor of yoga and the MELT Method® at Beyond Yoga.  After I discovered yoga and MELT® and realized the amazing benefits to my body after suffering from injuries from an auto accident in 2003, I earned my yoga certification and MELT teacher training. I thoroughly enjoy helping others on their journey of self-care and feeling awesome, getting out and staying out of pain, and living an active, pain-free, whole wellness lifestyle. And I love helping athletes improve performance, reduce recovery time, and reduce the chances of injury.

My yoga journey began with a single class at a fitness center. Afterwards, I thought it would have great benefits for me and I wanted to learn more so I could take better care of myself. I took yoga teacher training in the Fall of 2013 for Hatha Yoga at Balance Breath School of Yoga, and after earning my certification I registered with Yoga Alliance. While teaching yoga wasn't in my plan, here I am! Since I began teaching in 2014, I continue to expand my understanding by reading, practicing, and attending workshops, including, but not limited to, Jim BennittLaurie BlakeneyKristin ChirhartJohn SchumacherMax StromMary Obendorfer and Eddy Marks, and Bobby Clennell. I am also a member of Iyengar Yoga: National Association of the Untied States and Iyengar Yoga Association of Minnesota. Read interviews with me in the Boone Living Magazine here and here.

discovered the MELT Method while searching the internet to explore ways to use a foam roller to eliminate chronic pain from the auto accident in 2003. One time is all it took for me to get hooked on MELT as it really works! I loved what it did for me so much that I received training from Sue Hitzmann, the creator of MELT, to teach the Method to others. I have Hand and Foot Training; have been a Teacher Assistant for Sue; Level 1 and Level 2 training, and NeuroStrength 1 training.  I teach the updated Level 1 moves, the advanced Level 2 moves, and NeuroStrength 1 moves. I continue to study several times a week to further my knowledge and understanding of conditions, compromises, and circumstances in the human body and how I can help people feel great in their body when they are without hope, and how to help athletes perform at peak level. I MELT almost everyday and love what it does for my body and my life. And I am thrilled with every testimony I see and hear of how MELT has helped so many others.

MELT, NeuroStrength, and yoga help me keep the active life I want.  I'm able to hike, camp, backpack, climb, rappel, garden, hunt, and much more. After the auto accident years ago, I thought the only option I had was to live a sedentary life. Not true! I have my life back, and it feels good to move!

As a certified yoga instructor in Hatha Yoga and RYT with Yoga Alliance and an advanced MELT instructor, I enjoy the perfect compliment they have with each other. I teach MELT and yoga classes, but sometimes integrate a little MELT in yoga classes when possible, making Beyond Yoga unlike any other studio in the state. I especially enjoy witnessing immediate changes in clients of all ages, abilities, and conditions and love hearing about athletes breaking personal records and accomplishments. Yoga and MELT are super simple self-care modalities that anyone can do no matter the level of fitness or ailments. MELT and yoga have changed my life and I love seeing them change the lives of others. Click on the links to learn more about MELT,  yoga, class offerings, and your self-care investment.

I help clients located throughout Iowa and I would love to do the same for you.  Peace be with you.
ACE:  CEP23748, CEP75513, CEP76493, CEP90045; AFAA: 10091/11670, 201127, 2014227 A, 2014227 B; NASM:  451649-11, 777; NCBTMB:  451649-11, 451659-11; PMA:  100179/1920, 100179/5493, 100179/5714, 100179/6646

Videos For You

To assist you on your journey of self-care and pain-free, active living, here are a few very simple anatomy videos to get you started. Click the upper left menu in the video for more playlist options.

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