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Welcome to Beyond Yoga

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Welcome to Beyond Yoga!

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Beyond Yoga in Boone, Iowa is located in the garden level of the Presbyterian Church on 7th and Greene Streets across from the Ericson Public Library. This central location permits me to serve all of Central Iowa, and beyond, with my signature teaching of yoga, the MELT Method®, MELT Performance®, and Neurostrength® private sessions and classes to suit every level. I'm passionate about bringing Yoga, MELT®, and Wellness into all areas of life in my community and all of Iowa. I'm passionate about private sessions for MELT or yoga; MELT Performance, NeuroStrength, and yoga classes; MELT and yoga workshops; and MELT series to eliminate pain and improve performance, overall fitness, peace of mind, and well-being.

Find balance, focus, and improve strength and flexibility. Prepare to be comfortable yet challenged, breathe, and have fun! Embark on your wellness path and enjoy greater self awareness, increased endurance, detoxification, and all of the physical, spiritual and emotional benefits of a regular yoga practice and self-care with MELT. I love my students and the tribe we have. I know you'll love us, too!

Yoga classes are Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 PM and Thursday at 9:00 AM.

MELT Length class is Monday at 7:15 PM. This is a Length class designed for beginners, intermediate, and experienced MELTers who would like to perfect the moves.

MELT NeuroStrength and Performance class is Wednesday at 7:15 PM. This is a Performance and NeuroStrength class designed for experienced MELTers.

We have students from Ames, Boone, Colo, Des Moines, Johnston, Madrid, Ogden, Stratford, Urbandale, and West Des Moines.

Beyond Yoga serves every level (really!!!) and all abilities (because everything can be modified for anyone). I'm deeply honored to serve you, too.

Change your life.  See you at Beyond Yoga in Boone for Yoga, MELT, MELT Performance, NeuroStrength, and more.

A little self-care goes a long way.

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